Tuesday, February 27, 2001

Oh, dreams.

I had one of epic length last night. And Alf you were in it!

If you kept to your words you would be a high exec now, and probably married. I just hope I bid goodbye, that I would not be haunted years hence.

But if you are as smart and good looking as before...

Maybe we could talk it over, a cup of coffee?


Take care darlin’

Monday, February 26, 2001

I was just asked how come I drive a better car than DJ?

Um, aren’t women supposed to drive better cars than their male counterparts? I mean for all the couples I’m aware of, women always drive the better cars. In fact, if you look at my neighbor’s driveways, all the SUVs, and luxury cars are driven by women. One good example is the house right next to us. In their driveway there is an SUV Benz, and a 3 series Bimmer. Guess who drives the Benz? The femme fatale what do you expect!

So why I drive a better car than DJ? Oh, I will vehemently deny in my life the validity of that question.

Saturday, February 24, 2001

Saturday morning means elaborate breakfast for us. While DJ is on the pan, frying, he mention something about the unfairness of Steely Dan’s winning (the Grammy).

Well, why? While I am on the other pan, also frying. I mean have we not seen this last Wednesday? It’s already Saturday! Haha… That’s what I think, but I proceed.

What do you mean? Would you rather that Eminem win? I heard the song of Steely Dan’s and it’s good.

Either the other contenders are weak or the seniority thing is working once again. Because if you line up Steely Dan’s album (throughout the year), I’m sure any of those will be as good as their current release. But the point is they never recognize him before. The same way, they have not recognized any of the better albums that exist out there. That’s DJ’s take.

Love, you know it is always a contest of popularity. And seniority, besides I’m sure that Steely Dan’s album is really good. Remember Lauryn Hill? I know it is a shame Madonna did not take home any awards. But wait for her to get older, I mean really old and dying, then for sure she’ll be harvesting like Santana.

Right! So shut up.

It's waiting. Tapsilogpe.

Beef tapa, fried rice, eggs, and coffee. Now, there’s the breakfast! ;)

Friday, February 23, 2001

Thank you for all those who e-mailed me, and my number one fans :) back home, who really liked my site. To tell you the truth, I don't! Hehehe! Pardon me but I got sick, and I felt bad since last Sunday with this flu. I have another epiphany, so I'm most likely, in the nearest future, changing many of the things you see here. Why?

First of all, I just realize that I really need to do my own codes. DJ, thank you very much!

Second, I just realize I'm editing too much. This is how I write, for most part I sound brassy and an intellectual snob that yeah I edit myself far too much. For which reasons you don't get to see much of what I write. Then, I realize it is stupid to edit myself. Afterall, I always speak my mind. So I might as well be forthright and do it here. To hell to those who get intimidated by me! I might as well intimidate them online. Hahaha!

Finally, I am much thankful for a bountiful week. It seems things are coming in... I just got my Ab-Doer from the mail. My new high-tech, and I mean high-tech in caps, office chair is coming this Monday. Well after many backaches from the last one, I am a happy woman ready for the new one. And then, the piyaya I’m so happy about, thank you Jun!

And the TOCINO! I thought I already had my heart broken for having this Tocino in my wish list far too long. For about a year. And then when it comes, it pours. I thought I already have all the Tocino I could ask for when a big box full of it came from L.A. last December. Thank you Tito Gene. Then, unexpectedly another one came from the mail yesterday. Thank you Mars! You make my heart sing.

Don’t I always get what I want! I do.

Tuesday, February 20, 2001

Is it the fickle weather? A lot of people I know seems to get sick.

Except me. I am in the pink of health jumping around! However, yesterday it seems I am going to have an allergy attack, you know clogged nose. So I made sure not to eat anything bad, and trick my immune system. I had orange juice, fruits, veg salad, lots of liquid and even cease my usual workout. I did stretching instead, and Tai Chi ! I thought it is going to work. But then again a flu is a flu.

I ended up in bed today.

Monday, February 19, 2001

If you love chick flicks (like I do) Sweet November is now playing.

Starring Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron, Sweet November is a romantic movie about a man whose life is changed by an encounter with an unlikely woman who offers him herself for an entire month (of November) with no strings attached.

The plot could have not been any stranger. Especially during the start, when Sara (Charlize) is convincing Nelson (Keanu) to spend a month with her. I thought, “what’s the catch?” I saw Sara’s character as strange, what did she want from Nelson? Why? Although I warmed up to her character during the middle-part of the movie when I felt that she was truly sweet, attractive and engaging. Only yet again to be confused later in the film, by her assumed rift with her sister and her bouts of headaches. The question that wracked my mind was how were they going to end it, November in the film I mean. Although it was a question of the obvious, my mind was concerned on how they would treat endings like that.

I have seen several reviews of this film.

Most rated the movie average. I myself have several complaints. One, there were far too much editing to avoid an R rating, those were tender and vulnerable scenes that could have given the film oomph. Two, there were moments I thought Keanu’s voice could be softer, to think that the scenes were supposedly tender.

Other than the above, I got the film totally. The movie as seen through Nelson’s eyes was captured very well by Pat O’Connor (director). He was able to convey what Nelson’s character felt throughout the movie from mistrust of Sara’s character to falling in love with her. It was more like being put in Nelson’s shoes that you could feel transitional emotions from distrust, doubt, confusion, love, tenderness, realization, pain, compassion, to lost just watching the film. It was splendid.

I was also very impressed with the cinematography. The color treatment in this film was just remarkable. Enya’s voice and the other soundtrack were great too. Of course, there was the proven team-up of Keanu and Charlize who heated up the screen once more (first teamed up in Devil’s Advocate). And most of all, the movie has this strange plot that could just be any woman’s fantasy of changing a man. These I find reasons enough to go and watch the movie.

Let me tell you in advance that you may not like the movie’s ending though. For me, the movie ended the way it should, although it may be discouraging to some. But don’t let that stop you, I still highly recommend watching it.

Saturday, February 17, 2001

Just like its entertainment scene, weather in Atlanta is weird. One minute it is hot, the next it is cold.

Yesterday afternoon I went out on my sleeveless shirt and shorts for a walk because it was 70s outside. Then I dressed up for the movies with just shirt and skirt, thinking it will be alright not to bundle up. Before I could even drop off Pen, the wind started blowing hard and the next thing I knew dark clouds were all over the sky and there was a tornado! Donald, Pen and me had to stop along the way when the rain started pouring hard, and the decision was whether to go inside the nearest building or stay inside the car. With better judgement (I hope) we stayed inside the car strapped on our belts. Exciting! Talk about mortality, it was what I learned since I moved to the U.S. Although I got pretty used with the U.S. landscape already that, well we just waited inside the car and waited until the tornado dissipated. My only regret was that I got late in the movies ;) Sayang! Ganda pa naman!

It never fails to amaze me listening to kids talk.

Like today, we have kids in the house for Penny’s sleepover. Anyway, for dinner I ask the kids where they want to eat. I even think I will hear them answer Burger King, or Taco Bell. Instead I hear them reply Friday's and Red Lobster. It seems the kids will agree on Friday's, except Pen remarks: “You should not choose restaurants you like, you have to try different restaurants instead!” Ganun. It almost takes us a long time in the car deciding until we all finally agree on O'Charley's.

After that argument, I overhear the kids talk: “My Mom went to pick my Dad in the airport.” Then Pen replied, “You mean your Dad went on a business trip.” Business trip? Ganun.

Over dinner, the kids talk about their field trips, the girl in our neighbor, and their favorite websites! By what I hear, these are their favorites: Nickelodeon, Disney, PBS, and Free Arcade.

Then my usual self kicks in. I ask the kids what they want to be (when they grow up). The other one said, I want to work at Wal Mart (he says because he wants to get some games there.) The other one said, I want to work at Media Play (for the same reason the other one wants to work at Wal-Mart). Then, there’s the other one who wants to be a construction worker. Thank God they are all asleep now!

Friday, February 16, 2001

After seeing Keanu at the Tonight Show yesterday, DJ and I are going to watch Sweet November tonight. I think the title is really catchy, “Sweet November” love it! Of course, I am born in November. But then again since Keanu is there I will not mind if they title the movie Sweet February, or Sweet March, etc. I will watch the movie anyway.

To y’all Penny’s fans, I had a conference with his teacher yesterday. He is really doing great in school. His reading and comprehension level is that of third grade. According to the diagnostics which he take because he is in an advance class. Get that. His academics are great, and he is also maturing. According to the teacher he behaves and uses inside voice, although he is ever as competitive and emotional about it when other kids are chosen to read, or lead over him. He dislikes that much. Hmm…

What I am concern more is the fact that Pen is getting sexist, i.e. when I ask him who his girl friends are, his reply will always be “boys should play with boys not girls!” I just find that unusual considering he always has girlfriends from Pam, Debbie, and other names I forget since his nursery days. And then there is Sara, the girl who occupies most of Penny’s pre-school mind. She is all that he talks about then. They even hold each other’s hands! I think that made me a jealous Mom for awhile.

The teacher told me that right now in her kindergarten class, there are already a couple of pairs going. Two pairs who seem to really like each other. We just kid about it. She said, “don’t worry about Penny’s boys-don’t-need-girls stunt right now, I’ll hook him up.” Hahaha!

I feel Arthur is the culprit here.

Wednesday, February 14, 2001

I got so hungry skipping lunch, i.e. trying to come up with new designs for clothes. That is because I seriously need a new wardrobe. However, my sketching skill has long been buried and digging up now seems impossible. Anyway, I come up with one design for about half-an hour work and man it’s pitiful! For the mean time, I cut out some pics and color swatches, paste them on the paper and put instructions here and there. I hope this will make sense to the tailor and dressmaker. This better work!

By the way, happy valentine’s to everyone! I already celebrated Valentine’s with DJ last Saturday. If I can say something, Atlanta’s entertainment scene is a bit weird. Imagine the choices the dude has for Valentine’s: Aaron Carter’s concert, Margaret Cho’s stand up, and Melissa Ellen? Duh. Well, the dude decided to bring me to Fox for a production of Fame instead. So we had our date earlier this Saturday. The production is okay, there are highs and lows. But I really have a great time, anytime with DJ of course! Then we spend the rest of the night at The Uptown Peasants. Lovely!

Tonight, I’ll have Valentine’s dinner with DJ and the little boy. Dang! I forgot to buy the little boy a Valentine gift, I forgot that Valentine’s is not exclusively for lovers anymore. Got to cram to Target this afternoon.

Wednesday, February 07, 2001

My first ever blog. Yippi! I think I just got the blog bug. Welcome me!!!

Plug: Happy Birthday Darling! A toast to you, with a Black Russian by the way. We are celebrating your birthday, the inauguration of our office, and yeah my first blog. Besides, I just saw mouse house, I thought that was an expensive Black Russian!