Tuesday, September 25, 2001

The better news at home, Bin Laden aside, is that Penny is continuing in his Gifted Program. He attended the Gifted Program in kindergarten. Now, he passed the interviews and exams to attend the program in first grade. As a part of it, each school day for several hours, Pen joins other "gifted"children for advanced topics and exploration.


I received from the facilitator these materials about giftedness. In the memo is some information that differentiates a bright child from a gifted one. Here is an excerpt:

A bright child knows the answer; A gifted child asks the questions.

A bright child is interested; a gifted child is highly curious.

A bright child is attentive; a gifted child is mentally involved.

A bright child has good ideas; a gifted child may have wild ideas.

A bright child works hard; a gifted child works hard when chooses to.

A bright child answers the questions; a gifted child discusses in detail elaborates.

A bright child listens with interest; a gifted child shows strong feeling and opinion.

A bright child understands ideas; a gifted child constructs abstractions.

A bright child copies accurately; a gifted child creates new design.

A bright child learns with ease; a gifted child already knows.

A bright child is top in a group; a gifted child is beyond the group.

Itís spooky reading the above. Aside from seeing the points how Pen may be gifted, I also see the points how I can be gifted myself, hahaha! (Iím sure youíd go back to the list, to check whether or not you too are gifted ;)


Iím excited for Pen. Sometimes, I even get amazed realizing how acutely smart he is. His Mental Abilities and Achievement/Stanford Test is 99%, I don't even know what those test means. I suppose that 99% is awesome though. Seriously, Penny just got it. As a mother I know, and I can see.

I just hope that I'd keep to the challenge in bringing out the best mind, and the best person the little boy can be.

Friday, September 21, 2001

I saw the address to the nation of President Bush last night. Ironic how too much too soon, the President is pressed with such task.

I donít know whatís going on. Am I getting older? Or is it, that Iím getting more mature? Because now I care, I really do about whatís happening. To think, Iím not even an American.

Last week was just too draining. The days drag on, and I slept exceptionally late to watch the event as it unfolded. I watched in the verge of tears, many times. The experience was just harsh.

Whereas in the past I would listen to music, last week I savored the commentaries in local radio stations as I drive.

I spent a day of quiet. I fasted.

I lit candles.

I opened my wallet to share. And then as the stock market opened, I bought more shares.

I even hesitated about the party I hosted last Saturday. But we pushed through and went dancing anyway. I just tried not to wear anything fancy. In fact, Iím not wearing a lot of red, and orange these days.

Now, it feels as though everything is back to normal in Atlanta. A big thank you is in order to the federal and local government, for making a cushion big enough that I may go about life as I used to.

Isnít it a give away, how much my American sentiment grows? Very well. I might as well wear a pin, or hang a flag somewhere.

Thursday, September 13, 2001

This was Pen, my son, in 1999. Heís all covered up in this picture because of the New York freeze. It was then January 2. The temperature dipped way below zero, yet we are out and about exploring downtown New York, taking pictures.

See the backdrop? How beautiful the skyline was? Who could imagine that 2 years hence this same skyline would forever be altered?

The little boy is so smart. Last night, he tells me point blank what just happened. That there were two airplanes that crashed the World Trade Center. As much as I was being careful to explain to him these matters, what he knew didnít affect him at all. Seeing this picture however, he pointed at the twin towers and said, ďthese two buildings are not here anymore.Ē


I could just imagine how terrifying this experience might be to those in the airplanes that crashed, and in the buildings that were targeted. I myself am terrified with the images that caught my eyes. A plane crashing through World Trade Center. Seeing the building one after another collapse - vanishing through thick air.

The first person I called hearing the news was my father. I think the gesture even touched me. Why would I call my father? It was as if I was reaching for comfort and reassurance. It was perhaps the daughter-instinct I have acting out.

Iím confused, distracted, and sad about all that happened. Iím just thankful that I have my fatherís wisdom, and Donaldís insights to sort my mind. Their strength and clear thoughts make me grasps things faster than I would on my own. I feel lucky.


My first reaction was to call it to Jihad, and to World War III. Then, I realized that this is not about war of countries, but a war of democracy versus terrorism.

I also thought of Nostradamusí prediction. I think the world has been frantic for a long time because of the new millenium. The upheaval predicted to happen. Itís crazy how we fancy World War III, Armageddon, the Second Coming, and such. Little did we know that the bloodshed would be spurred by a terrorist attack.

Sure enough, it happened at the start of the new millenium. 2001 is indeed the start of the new millenium. So much on the focus to the catastrophe, what I understand and focus on is that preceding the prophecy of upheaval is the prophecy of great peace reigning in this world.


I listened to my father when he reassured me, ďsomething good will come out of it.Ē

This attack to United States may be a sacrifice, a catalyst that may breakdown terrorism. Thatís the best outcome to hope for. Maybe this horrible tragedy ought to happen. Maybe a trigger big enough is necessary to waken up United States. That is, so that it will pull the plug to rally the countries against terrorism. As this story unfolds, let us not lose the fact that our leaders have a big task ahead of them.

Let us pray for the strength and solidarity of this great nation, United States of America, to lead the world in defending peace. Let us pray for the leaders to successfully execute their mission. Let us pray for the souls of those that were sacrificed. Let us pray for the recovery of those hurt. Let us pray for the families whose lost and grief is beyond compare. Let us pray for our own family, and loved ones whose sense of calm is threatened by this horrific attack. Most of all, let us pray for the triumph of the good in everyoneís hearts and intentions.


In this great catastrophe, I witness the greatness of a country.

In shaky waters, the nation pulls through. The patriotism is ever pronounced; flags hanging in driveways, flags cruising through cars, with more people enlisting in the military. My admiration ever grows, seeing the countryís great foundation, the attitude of its people, its great confidence, their awesome love of country and the country's outstanding system in place that is beyond compare. This country is indeed great.

As I sit this morning, I come across this passage so apt I want to share with you. I know our hearts cry as this story unfold. The world commiserates as a nation grieves. In this darkest hour, let us be comforted, that this too, ďshall come to pass.Ē