Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Itís Christmas. I hope yíall are ready for the festivities. Have wrapped it? All? Itís amazing, isnít it, how much money people spend during the holidays. Since 9-11, people tighten their belts that it seems theyíre getting wild, having Christmas for an alibi. Iím glad to announce that my Christmas shopping is done officially today. I hit the enter button to the last of my orders. Wrapped all, sent and mailed those I needed to. Now, I can kick back and relax.

Come next month, I will be celebrating my first year online. Looking back, I think that among my motivation to get online is jealousy. That is, I am jealous because Donald has a personal site. Since my kickoff, Donaldís writing diminished. Can I tell you a little secret? Shh.. Donald maintains this site. Maybe, I am the culprit. Anyway, thatís about marriage, sharing everything. (And taxing the guys too much) I just hope that he gets back to writing. He is an awesome writer with a lot of wisdom to spare. In case you wonder, I get all my Zen from him.

Have you ever heard of people who hold hands while sleeping? I havenít, until I personally experience it. I think it is weird, but Donald and I really do hold hands, when we can, in sleep. No, itís sweet, really. I already got used to it. I just remember because we were caught sleeping in the sofa again tonight, like our favorite thing to do, before I decided to wake up and type this.

Maybe itís too early in the morning. I may be writing off my usual course, just the same, I want to thank Donald. I have a very splendid life in large because of him. Itís like magic, really, yet shyly. I am a little conscious to talk about this, for the reason it may sound too good to be true. Dear Ate DaisyÖ I still think nobody should go for second best. That much I can say.

By the way, I want to add a new section here. That is about food and places. So I can write thoughts and information about some of the places (or food joints) I have been. In the following weeks, at least you will not be surprised, if suddenly I am talking about museums, cafes, beach, such.

I wish all of you a merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy the holidays. I could be in Manila, Rochester, or New Orleans, there are just too many loved ones missed. Oh well, my heart, if I have the choice, then I am there in a snap. A beautiful Christmas this will be nevertheless, sharing Noche Buena with Donald and sleepy head Pen. Donít forget to hug, kiss, and greet the people you love. If you are up to it, tell them you love them.This is a special season to miss so. Do you know that suicide rates are higher during holiday festivities? Now, you get the point. Make someone happy, and fill your life with beauty each day.

My wish list is up. Thanks in advance, guys!

Thursday, December 13, 2001

I've got the blues. Just look at this weather, it's cloudy, foggy, and damn cold outside. Not really cold, 50s is not that cold, just wait until it gets freezing. But the wind chill, factor the unceasing rain... the last I check I'm not in Seattle, though it seems so today. It is among those days I wish I live in sunny Florida. Or in D.C., though, might be colder there now. :( ( But I am serious Jane. )

I feel just out of balance because of this, the change of season. I remember how simple it was to deal with humidity and rain in the Philippines. Now, I have four seasons to contend with. My body is just giving in. Last fall, I remember my colleague and I comparing who's "falling" the most number of hair strands. Aside from that, my hair for a week was lackluster. Now, it's winter. My body, sexy as it is, yeah, yeah, *giggle* is falling apart. With the sudden cold, I have sores here and there. I am getting old, I know. I even sprained my left foot. That this morning I twitched in pain. Tears.

I got people check my foot. I love the foot massages, maybe I will keep away the doctor while I get the foot massages for free. Do not stood up those Christmas parties though. True to me, I bought books to exchange gifts. There's this one, I wonder who'll get it. Office Kama Sutra. Its intro

As is recorded by the sages of old, men and women have 100 years in which to fulfill their destiny, 100 years being the natural duration of a human life. Of these years, 20 are spent in youth and 20 in old age. Of the remaining 60, four decades are devoted to amassing wealth, and those being the most fruitful segment of the 100, wise men and women will multitask and pursue kama (sensual pleasure).

Very naughty. I loved it at first browse. Though I wonder now, if this is bad. I might give the recipient some ideas. Precisely the point. Naughty. I hope the sun shines tomorrow.

Sunday, December 09, 2001

Give Books for Gifts

I remember one colleagueís remark, about Borders being crazy to let people read books like that. I think she was confused about the business model of Borders. How could the bookstore earn when it lets the people read the books, just like that, within the vicinity? At that time, Borders just opened its doors to the Singapore market. Thatís the one in Orchard road corner I forgot. I never questioned that though. The fact that I could read all the books I want inside a bookstore was a welcome strategy. The way I saw it, it was more of educating the market to read. If people get into reading, they will consume books. A welcome strategy and a welcome change from the bookstores that I grew up to. Oh, I remember that nasty stare I get from the saleslady of National Bookstore when I flip through the pages of the books on display. I was even told to back out. Well.

I love books. I love to read. My genre is non-fiction, along the business, marketing, philosophy, psychology, beauty, and fitness aisle. I guess my love for reading has always been there. In elementary, I borrowed books from my best friend whose family had a collection of philosophy and psychology books. Although nobody inspired me to read as much. In school, kids like me were shooed out from the library. No kidding. In fact, it is very vivid in my mind, how we were asked to leave because the library floor was freshly waxed and according to the librarian, we would dirty it. All that I can say to her now, being grown-up that I am, is that what she did is bad. No, actually, make that evil. It would be evil to shoo young kids away from the library, the books, and technically, the learning it represented. I hope it doesnít happen to any children, in our place especially, these days.


Wednesday, December 05, 2001

Imagine That

I thought he has already forgotten about the combo. Apparently he has not. After so many weeks he refreshed us about it yesterday. Asking, should he stall coming home to give us time to set up his drums? That was dreaded. The only package that has come from the mail so far was a semblance of a drum throne, which didn't even have a stand :(

I swear we ordered the drum set two weeks ago. As it turned out we should have ordered days earlier. Yesterday was breaking the news gently to Pen. The gift that he wished by the fireplace would not. I told him, at least there would be some throne (drum chair) to put some ribbons on :(

I have a seven-year-old, imagine that. Over the weekend Donald and I bought Pen clothes for the art exhibit heís taking part of this Wednesday night (Whoa! It is his second.) It just struck me how big Penís clothes were. In fact, my sister and I gushed about the fact Pen couldnít wear anything teddy anymore. We kid about it very early this morning, (she and the rest of Penís fans in Manila called.) that it would cause Penny his reputation now, should he have anything to do with teddy, Elmo, and the rest of the PBS clan.

I spot so much development in Pen. This morning, I almost cried in astonishment reading his work lined in the school corridor. He could write a full story! It is so amazing. I was so amazed. So was Donald who first spotted the article. (Definitely, I would post that work here.) Imagine, two-pages of his version of the Gingerbread man in full-fashion details.

And there's something more about Penny's 7th birthday. I catch him drawing a Philippine flag! He asked all sorts of questions about our flagÖ How it evolved? Who made it? This morning, Penny even announced to his teacher his wishes to talk to the class about the PhilippinesÖ Holy! I don't know what has come to him, but it seems his sense of identity awakens at 7. Holy!

I should get him a Philippine history book, or something. But first, I have to breeze through the day. Well, the celebratory cupcakes are already in school, check. The kids are so excited about Pen's birthday. The dinner, check. Whoops, I have to buy some more for the pasta. I am serving pasta, pizza, chicken, salad, and fruit punch tonight. Cake, check. Gift, I have a couple, check. Minus the drum set that is.

I am really happy. This is a happy day. I don't know, I'm just happy, the boy is now 7.