Wednesday, January 09, 2002

Ano na naman tong gimmick dito? Salamat makaka galaw na naman. Mabuti lang yun, unpredictable rin paminsan-minsan. To my foreign readers, all that I mean to say is you're all nice. Thanks for bearing with me. It has been a year and you're still here.

What prompts me to break my one-pager is this. My friend's baby shower, like the sign of the times. Everyone gets hitched at first, then come the babies, then I buy gift. Her registry is in BabiesRUs. How many things she needs! From bottle warmer, to cribs! Browsing her list brought me to memory lane. Those times, when I was the needful person myself. Do you know that you need piles of money after producing a baby? Especially for the first babies, when technically, you start from scratch. From the big items like crib, stroller, walker, to the small items like teeter, rattles, bath products, the list never ends. Special mention, the formula, disposable diapers, and rolls of film youíll burn capturing the ďmoment.Ē Itís fascinating really, these moments, the ones that ruin your life.

I still remember that time when I felt odd lounging around with a cart full of baby formula, I mean rather than the beauty items I used to carry around. Also, having a baby makes you grow older faster. I mean, you have to mature, right. I donít know with you, but I really think you should. So to all who want babies early in their life, I hope you know what you're talking about. Once you have babies, they're there. Believe me, they're never going anywhere. And forget about my usual tempo of roses and blooms. Of course, babies are wonderful. They're heaven to hold. But they're hell too, you know. Get a grip. This is just a simple principle of equanimity. The more the gain, the more the pain. But they're really so cute, (until they turn into monsters, haha!)

It's so true. It's like a nasty cycle. Imagine, when you complain about your parentsí bickering. You're seemingly endless difference with them. Remember, their "dialogues?" Put it to heart, because once you become a parent yourself, you will be saying exact, same "dialogue." Example: Momís dialogue, "don't you know that there are people who don't eat? Once you starve, you will see. You will eat even that soil from the ground." Eek. (Thank God, I havenít done that yet, I mean eat the soil from the ground.) Daisyís dialogue: "do you know that there are people starving in Somalia?" (I have to be specific with Pen. He knows his geography.)

Anyway, congratulations to my friends expecting babies this year. Good luck to you too, you will need it, that is before you jump from looking like parents to looking like refrigerator, to looking like wallets to your children. Ha, good luck, to all us who enter the mayhem of parenthood that is.

About this baby registry, my fettish of all the baby items is the bathtub. I love those. That's why I'm giving my friend a humidifier. I showed DJ the baby registry, and boy was he jealous. He wants a baby registry as well. He said, "let's make a baby so we can have a baby registry." You know what happens next. I never knew that baby registry can be erotic. So long live the registries, and dialogues. Trust me, itís never going to go away.