Tuesday, February 17, 2004

What sad news to hear especially that I'm a follower. I'm a member of an organization he started and I am a follower of an industry he popularized.

Sometimes you have to think what's the point...

Atkins death, wouldn't it be ironic had we found out that his death was due to heart attack. Maybe too much fat in his protein, eh. A little humor to keep here. But for dear Leonard who died of heart attack who is so young with so much more promise... Maybe it is his time only God knows. But wouldn't it be ironic if it is the case of not following what one preaches? That striking balance in ones life and the ever popular "cleansweep" our lives. Haven't we gotten too much of those motivational speakers already. Go to Dalai Lama! Maybe we ought to practice that Zen instead.

Sadly and a bit confused, in memoriam, Thomas J. Leonard, 48, founder Coachville.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Happy Hearts

Friday, February 13, 2004

This is what online gives you. The nerve to even be bolder. Add to that the gym membership, skin care regimen, organic food, make-up techniques if you call it that (it's a bare wear) God yeah, it takes a lot. It's not easy to turn 22... But most of all it is looove. Love for self, love for someone, (and Keanu, ooops, a slip there) love for the possibilities...

Self-promotion is shameless brazen fun.